[csw-users] Relocation of pygtk package

Parul Goel parulg at noida.interrasystems.com
Wed Aug 7 12:55:21 CEST 2013


We have created a GUI using pygtk and we are trying to relocate the 
entire pygtk package to a machine independent location, so that users 
can invoke the GUI from different machines (same platform) using same 

While doing that, we get the following error:

/home/pg/GUI/dillon/bin/gui_content.py:1377: PangoWarning: ld.so.1: 
python: fatal: /opt/csw/lib/pango/1.6.0/modules/pango-basic-fc.so: open 
failed: No such file or directory

Is there a way to let the environment know a different location for this 
library? I have tried setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but it does not work.


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