Can we get rid of that 'g' infront of every command

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Hi Panos,

Am 20.05.2014 um 17:48 schrieb Panos Kavalagios <Panagiotis.Kavalagios at>:
>     I don't know where to send it and you might not be the correct person, but I have a question. 


>     Why we keep those 'g' prefixes for all GNU commands? I know it is a Solaris tradition to distinguish the native implementation of the OS from the GNU, but is it really needed?

The reason is that if you have /opt/csw/bin in front of your path you would cloak the Solaris commands
which is bad.

> All other systems do not use that distinction. It is really irritating to have either alias all commands (alias ls gls) or create a symbolic link (ln -s gfind find) to have something working on all operating systems. Even Sunfreeware did not provide that prefix for the /usr/local packages of coreutils, findutils, diffutils etc. When the package is compiled itself it produces an executable without the 'g'.
>     I apologise if my question looks naive and there is an obvious explanation. I just wish to be able to only add in my PATH /opt/csw/bin, without having to perform any other extra configuration.

For this reason we have symlinks with the usual name without ‚g‘ in /opt/csw/gnu which is
shipped by each package. Just prepend that path as documented here:

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