Custom packages in OpenCSW format.

Todd Strain tstrain at
Mon Apr 13 16:43:34 CEST 2015

I've created my own Solaris packages for our custom software using the document found here. I've left them in the directory format.

Then I converted those packages to an OpenCSW-format following this document.<>

I then build the catalaog using “bldcat” command. Everything looks fine at this point as "pkgutil -U" will update the host, and "pkgutil -a" shows all my packages. But "pkgutil --install" fails saying the package is not in the catalog.

Can anyone tell me the proper way to add custom software to OpenCSW catalog format?

I've seen the OpenCSW packaging tutorial on Youtube from Maciej Blizinski but this doesn't directly apply to me as my packages are just a collection of flat files and do not have to be compiled.

Thank you,


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