Custom packages in OpenCSW format.

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Thanks you for quick response. Your solution did fix my issue. I just uncommented the "#noncsw=true" line and I am able to install my packages. My packages did not begin with CSW but our stock symbol as suggested by Oracle.

  I can't believe I missed this in the pkgutil.conf file.  However, looking back at the logs of the repo web server I did think it was strange that the host never attempted to contact the  repo server.

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Am 13.04.15 um 16:43 schrieb Todd Strain:

> I then build the catalaog using “bldcat” command. Everything looks
> fine at this point as "pkgutil -U" will update the host, and "pkgutil -a"
> shows all my packages. But "pkgutil --install" fails saying the
> package is not in the catalog.
> Can anyone tell me the proper way to add custom software to OpenCSW
> catalog format?

not sure if that's the problem:

# Support non-CSW packages. If you have your own packages that have a different # prefix that you want to use with pkgutil you must enable this otherwise # pkgutil will skip every package not prefixed by CSW.
# NOTE: this also affects options like -c/C, however it's easy to filter the
#       output if wanted, e.g. "pkgutil -C CSW".
# Default: false

Did you set noncsw=true in pkgutil.conf?



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